We built a bold brand with a clear voice for Upcycle4Good, a non-profit start-up whose socially-conscious mission promotes environmental awareness and improves the lives of others.

Brand Development
Logo Design
Style Guide

lanscape booklet with open pages

ipad with Power of U written across photo

rack card stack

white tshirt on gray background

business card on laptop

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  1. As I began to build our nonprofit, I realized that developing its public image might be the most important aspect of my work. Fortunately, a good friend connected me with Linda Pierro at Flint Media. After a few sessions of probing questions and opportunities to select among a few alternatives that would guide her work, Linda quickly presented a brand book — including a logo, color scheme and fonts, along with our vision and mission statement. It has been a comprehensive go-to guide for our web designer, while ensuring that everyone on our team presents our image consistently when creating marketing and other public-facing documents. Professional, prompt, friendly, thorough and reasonably priced. Thank you, Linda!

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